Why Do Some Companies Prosper Even in the Worst of Times

Why Do Some Companies Prosper Even in the 
Worst of Times
Discover if you are QUALIFIED to seriously grow your business (even in crazy times!) with
 No-Bid Federal Contracts.
Did you know that every federal contract of $150,000 or less is set aside for small business? Yet we received only 4%! Instead, they went to big businesses ! Why? Because small businesses either did not show up or didn't show up properly!
How can I explore if my small business is both a fit for federal government and if federal contracting is a fit for my business? 
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Our Promise: After attending the 2-Hour FedProfits Masterclass, you will LEARN EVERYTHING you need to be able to make an informed, intelligent decision if you can make serious money through the power of no-bid federal contracts or not. Don't wait!
Here’s What People Are Saying:
"I really liked this program, because it took all of the complex federal regulations and complicated paperwork, and boiled it down to a straight-forward approach to securing contracts. I started using all of the strategies that Fed Profits teaches, and I have landed millions of dollars in federal contracts with many agencies, including different products and services over many years. Be persistent, follow the program and build relationships, that's been the keys to my success with the program."
Kristy N.
"I just started in the No Bid Federal contracts a few months or so ago. My coaches told me to follow the program, start building relationships, don't let things slip, and I followed their directions. It's been amazing! I started working their system and started getting multiple contracts. There are many opportunities for my company, and I am excited about my future growth. Thanks FedProfits!"
Tony D.
"I believe the no bid program is the easiest, not easy, but easiest way to secure federal contracts without the bidding, the mind-numbing red tape, or spending a lot of money on expensive consultants. If you want to grow your business with federal contracts, this is the way to do it!"
John C.
"I was very skeptical. I had been trying this on my own for about five years with no luck. I was about to give up. I began to think you can't get these contracts. Well now, over three years after starting the no-bid process, I'm a believer. Using the FedProfits program, I have secured many contracts with several agencies. Stay positive and don't give up..and of course, get some help from the experts at FedProfits."
Mkale W.
"We had tried a few times in the past to get into federal contracts. Unfortunately, we were never able to navigate through the paperwork and the overall process. Then, we went to a seminar on No Bid contracts. We discovered there are billions of dollars in federal contracts, and there is a simpler way to get those contracts than the cold bidding we had tried. We learned to get federal contracts by doing the same kind of thing we were doing with commercial clients."
Chris L.
"Federal contracting was not a new thing for me. We had heard the pitches of many federal contracting consulting companies. However, most of them focused on submitting bids. FedProfits focused on another way, building relationships with federal decision-makers and securing contracts and grants through those relationships,  finding the best opportunities for our company."
Paul B.
Isn't It Worth $197 (Risk Free!) and 2-hours of your time to see IF No-Bid federal contracting can take your business to the next level?

New + Different

This is NOT your father’s federal contracting…

  •   LEARN: Learn how to Show Up Properly and win small business set aside contracts!
  • ​  LEARN: Learn the 3 Laws that make Federal Contracting a small business game!
  • ​  LEARN: Learn 3 strategies to capture all the federal contracts you can handle!
  • ​  LEARN: Learn how to avoid most of the paperwork and mind-numbing red tape!   
  • ​  LEARN: Learn how to escape from expensive government consultants...Do it yourself!
  • ​  LEARN: Learn if you’re the right size to win!
  • ​  LEARN: Learn if you’re in the right industry!
  • ​  LEARN: Learn how to discover your niche with the 4,600 federal agencies!
  • ​  LEARN: Learn how they must pay you within 30 days, by law, or pay stiff penalties!
Grab your seat at the FedProfits® MasterClass to learn if you can make serious money with Federal Contracting ahead of your competition. 
You owe it to your family and your people to explore the largest market in the world that has laws favoring small businesses and pay on time.
  • You will never wonder “How can I find new, large revenue opportunities?”
  • You will never entertain “What if I spend days responding to this bid, and it’s a waste of time?”
  • You will never consider “What if I do all of this paperwork and nothing good comes of it?”
  • You will never think about “What if I hire expensive consultants with no tangible results?”
  • You will never wonder “What if I don’t leverage the new laws and miss out?”
  • You will never give a thought to “What if we deal with all this red tape and get stuck?”
 "While others merely survive, discover how to use No-bid federal contracts to propel your business to unprecedented heights even in the toughest recessions."
With our proven No-bid federal contract strategy, you'll never feel left out again. Time is Money. Don't get held back. Take the first step toward unprecedented success and join the FedProfits® MasterClass. It's the right move. 
Your future in federal contracting awaits.
In every economic downturn, where survival seems to be the best possible outcome, there’s always a small group of entrepreneurs who defy the odds. They are not content with weathering the storm. They expect to thrive amidst the chaos. Picture this: a world where recessions represent opportunity instead of struggle. It may sound mythical, but within times of uncertainty lies a strategy that could transform your business into the business you always wanted it to be.

For CEOs navigating the treacherous waters of economic instability, the standard playbook often dictates a defensive stance – cut costs, trim staff, and brace for impact. But what if there's another way? A path less traveled, yet potentially more rewarding. Imagine not just surviving a recession but using it as a catalyst for your business to reach heights you never thought possible.

The contrarian truth is that recessions, while challenging, create an environment ripe for innovation, adaptation, and strategic moves that can differentiate your business. Amidst the noise of economic hardship, the whispers of opportunity beckon those who will listen. It's a call to action, an invitation to defy the conventional narrative.

But let's be honest – the journey won't be easy. It requires courage, foresight, and a willingness to challenge the status quo. It's about embracing the discomfort of uncertainty and turning it into a powerful catalyst for change. This is not just about survival; it's about flourishing when others falter.

You might be wondering, "Can this really work for my business?" It's a fair question, and one that deserves a thoughtful answer. That's why we invite you to our Masterclass: "Recession-Proof Your Business through the Power of No-Bid Contracts from the Federal Government."

This isn't just another coaching session; it's a deep dive into a proven strategy that has transformed businesses from mere survivors to thriving leaders in their industries. As you embark on this journey with us, we'll unveil the "Why" behind our system – the psychology, the economics, and the real-world examples that will enable you to thrive while others struggle to survive.
If you’re saying, "This sounds awesome, NOW prove it to me, Show me the money, demonstrate to me why it works,” the FedProfits® Masterclass is your next step forward.

The "Big Growth Idea"
(A Proven System, Not A Concept!)

There's a hundred right ways to do Federal Contract. You can do this yourself. You and your staff will need to wade through a thousand pages of the law and a million pages on Google. Do you have the time? 

Our systems consolidates 100's of best practices into a 7 Action Step System that your team can implement in just 10-15 hours a week. No need to hire extra staff or expensive consultants. 
As the saying goes, "Time is Money!"

Why You Won't Win
All the Federal Contracts You Can Handle!

1. You don't have Relationship/Sales Skills:

Unlock the Potential: Building relationships is at the heart of federal contracting. If your current skill set lacks in this area, it's not a barrier but an opportunity for growth. Our resources and training programs are designed to enhance your relationship and sales skills, turning potential contacts into lucrative contracts.

2. You're not willing to Team ALL four ways:

Embrace Collaboration: Federal contracts often require collaboration from all angles. If you're hesitant to team up comprehensively, you might be missing out on valuable opportunities. Learn the art of effective teamwork through our programs, creating synergies that unlock doors to larger contracts.

3. You're not willing to focus on Commercial instead of the Residential Market:

Expand Your Horizon: While commercial and residential markets are lucrative, the federal sector offers a vast landscape of opportunities. If your focus is too narrow, you may be limiting your revenue potential. Our guidance will help you pivot and tap into the expansive federal market without losing sight of your existing successes.

4. You don't have processes to Deliver Everything on Time:

Master Timeliness: Timely delivery is non-negotiable in federal contracts. If you lack streamlined processes, it could impact your success. Our programs not only teach you the importance of punctuality but also provide practical insights into developing efficient delivery systems that exceed federal expectations.

5. You don't have a Written Quality Assurance Program:

Elevate Your Standards: Quality assurance is a cornerstone in federal contracting. If you're not up to par in this area, it's time to elevate your standards. Our programs guide you in developing a robust, written quality assurance program that not only meets federal requirements but sets you apart as a reliable and quality-focused contractor.

6. You or your team can't Commit to 10 - 15 Hours per Week:

Prioritize Your Success: Success in federal contracting requires commitment. If you're unable to dedicate sufficient time, you might be hindering your progress. Our programs are designed with your schedule in mind, offering flexible learning opportunities that allow you to commit the necessary time without overwhelming your existing commitments.

7. You can't say "No" to work that is too big or outside of your skill set:

Embrace Strategic Decision-Making: While enthusiasm is commendable, taking on work that exceeds your capacity or falls outside your skill set can jeopardize success. Learn the art of strategic decision-making – knowing when to say "No" can safeguard your reputation, enhance profit margin, and help you focus on opportunities aligned with your strengths. 

8. You aren't represented properly on

Optimize Your SAM Presence: is your storefront to the federal government. If your representation is not optimized, you're missing out on valuable visibility. Learn the intricacies of SAM registration through our guidance, ensuring your business is accurately represented, and maximizing your chances of attracting federal contracts.
In conclusion, you can win all the federal contracts you can handle without bidding, without all the red tape and paperwork, and without needing to hire expensive government consultants. With the right mindset and our FedProfits® MasterClass, you can transform these challenges into opportunities. It's time to invest in your success.

Debunking 5.5 Common Misconceptions About Doing Business with the Federal Government

Myth #1: It will take years and cost me a fortune.

Exciting Truth: While the federal procurement process may seem daunting, it doesn't have to be a marathon. With the right guidance, you can navigate efficiently. Moreover, the costs are not as prohibitive as the myth suggests. Our proven strategies can streamline your entry and keep your investment manageable, putting federal contracts within reach sooner than you think.

Myth #2: The FEDS don’t buy what I sell.

Exciting Truth: The federal government is the largest buyer in the world, with diverse needs spanning countless industries. Whatever you sell, chances are they need it. From construction and technology to most services and products, the opportunities are vast. It's not about what they buy; it's about positioning yourself to be the one they buy it from. The myth of incompatibility is shattered when you realize the breadth of their purchasing power.

Myth #3: They won’t buy from little old ME!!!

Exciting Truth: Size doesn't matter as much as expertise and readiness. In fact, by law, every contract under $150,000 is set aside for small businesses. That represents 83 Million contracts last year. Just one of these contracts can change the trajectory of your business. 

Myth #4: There is too much red tape with bidding.

Exciting Truth: While there are guidelines to follow, the process is not an impenetrable maze. Busting this myth involves understanding that, with the right knowledge and support, you can navigate the bureaucracy efficiently. Our strategies cut through the red tape, making the bidding process a manageable and even exciting avenue for securing federal contracts.

Myth #5: They pay slow!

Exciting Truth: Forget the stereotype of government payments dragging on endlessly. By law, the federal government is obligated to pay small businesses within 30 days. That's right – within a month of completing the work, you could have funds in your account. The myth of sluggish payments is shattered, revealing a surprisingly swift financial reward for your efforts.

Myth #5.5: "A small business like ours just can't do it."

Exciting Truth: Last year shattered this myth into countless success stories! A whopping 19,558 small businesses, much like yours, secured their first federal contract valued over $25,000. What was the secret to their success? They built strong, long term RELATIONSHIPS with the Federal Buyers. The notion that size determines success in federal contracting has been unequivocally debunked. It's not about the size of your business; it's about the strategies, dedication, knowledge, and BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS just like you do with your commercial customers. The federal marketplace is more accessible to small businesses than ever before, and our proven programs can guide you to join the ranks of those who defied the myths and achieved remarkable success. Size is no longer a barrier; it's an opportunity waiting to be seized. Your journey to federal contracting success starts here!
100% Money Back Guarantee

If you join the MasterClass and decide this is not a fit for you, we will refund your investment, no questions asked.

The whole purpose of the MasterClass is to give you everything you need to make an informed, intelligent decision about contracting with the federal government. 

We make it 100% Risk Free.
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P.S: The game has changed. The laws are stacked in your favor. Work our 7-step process, and you will join over 3,000 Federal Contracting Association Members who are winning federal contracts with the No-Bid Process.